Military medal

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Duncan Macaskill
Matheson Road
Royal Engineers

Angus Macdonald
26 South Dell
7th Seaforth Highlanders

Murdo Macdonald
48 North Tolsta
Seaforth Highlanders

Matthew Macgregor
Cairn Dhu Matheson Road
5th Scottish Rifles

Alexander Maciver
30 North Tolsta

Angus Hugh Mackay
2 Carishader
Gordon Highlanders

Donald Mackay
31 Valtos
Canadians 703108
Awarded 22 January 1917

Donald N. Mackinnon
54 Leurbost
Seaforth Highlanders

Donald Maclean
33C Gravir
MM for gallantry and devotion to duty at Passchendaele in 1917

Angus Macleod
27 Fivepenny

John Macleod
4 Crowlista
Seaforth Highlanders

Malcolm Morrison
10B South Dell
Cameron Highlanders

Roderick Morrison
4 Borve
Scots Guards

Kenneth Murray
31 Swainbost
Machine Gun Corps

Alexander Smith
15 Ballantrushal
Seaforth Highlanders

Donald Maciver
13A Laxay
Seaforth Highlanders
For bravery in taking command when all the officers of the battalion had been knocked out.

Colin Macdonald
2 Brue
Seaforth Highlanders
Also Mons Star

D. Matheson
Creed Month Cottage Castle Grounds
Seaforth Highlanders
For bravery and devotion to duty, 21/3/1918

Donald Stewart
4 Scotland Street
Gordon Highlanders
For bravery at Festubert, December 1917

Norman Macleay
10 Ballantrushal
For bravery at Passchendaele Ridge in 1917

William Smith
29 Lower Shader
Gordon Highlanders
For bravery at the Somme in July 1916; Mons Star

Murdo Maciver
5 Brenish
Cameron Highlanders
For bravery in the field

Donald Macleod
5 Park Carloway
Cameron Highlanders
Military Medal for bravery in the field; Mons Star

Murdo Morrison
9 Calbost
For distinguished bravery in the field

Donald Macphail
25 Arnol
2nd Seaforth Highlanders
For distinguished conduct

Malcolm Mackenzie
1 Mid Borve
Cameron Highlanders
For gallantry in France

William Graham
4 Laxdale
Royal Engineers
For gallantry in the field

Murdo Murray
20 Church Street
2nd Seaforth Highlanders
For gallantry in the field, rushed enemy gun single-handed, killed 2, captured 4 as well as the gun.

John Macdonald
22 Ballantrushal
2nd Cameron Highlanders
For rushing an enemy pillbox in Bulgaria and killing its occupants

John Macleod
20 North Tolsta
Machine Gun Section, Seaforth Highlanders
Also Croix de Guerre for conspicuous bravery in action

Murdo Macfarlane
10 Marvig
3rd Seaforth Highlanders
Also Mons Star

John F. Craig
61 Bayhead Street
Royal Garrison Artillery
For good services during the retirement on 30th Nov., 1917, when he kept his gun in action until the Germans were within 100 yards, all the time under heavy fire from both flanks and from the air; five of his gun team were taken prisoner, but Sergt. Craig succeeded in making away with the breach block, thus rendering the gun useless ; he was previously recommended for bravery and devotion to duty..

Angus Mackinnon
Halfway House Balallan
49th Canadian Infantry
For conspicuous bravery on the field for having saved a comrade entangled in barbed wire under heavy shell-fire; was mentioned in despatches.

Malcolm A. Mackinnon
43 Balallan
Gordon Highlanders
While a Sergt. -Major, for having, "on 9th April, 1917, when the battalion was advancing on the first objective, the Coy. -Sergt. -Major of the Company on the right was fatally wounded Sergt. Mackinuon was prompt in taking over his duties, and his alert action and decision resulted in the advance being continued without the slightest delay. Thereafter, throughout many days' fighting, he continued to show the greatest coolness and courage, and as the two officers of the Company had been killed, his untiring work was of incalculable value Apart from his unflagging energy, his personal example of courage and coolness was of the greatest assistance, and cannot be too highly recommended.".

Murdo MC Maclean
Orinsay Villa Matheson Road
Royal Field Artillery
Was awarded the Military Cross for his work as liaison officer during the crossing of the Piave and subsequent attacks, the decoration being conferred by Earl Cavan on the field.

Alexander Graham
8 Back
Seaforth Highlanders

Alex Mackinnon
22 Aird Tong

John Maclean
21 Tolsta Chaolais
Cameron Highlanders

Norman Macgregor
12 Tolsta Chaolais
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Military Medal & bar

Donald Macleod
3 Lower Sandwick
Military Medal and DCM for gallant conduct on 5/6/1916. when, under heavy fire, he rescued wounded infantry from a crater. In April 1916, in a fierce hand-to-hand encounter with the enemy, he was one of six survivors of his company

Donald Macaulay
43 South Bragar
MM and DCM, for gallantry and devotion to duty and gallant conduct in the field. In the "scrap" for which he received the decoration he was so severely wounded that his right arm had to be amputated above the elbow.

John Mackay
16 Achmore
Gordon Highlanders
Military Medal for bravery in the field

Norman Macleod
21 Carloway
Cameron Highlanders
Military Medal for bravery in the field

Donald Finlayson
53 South Bragar
Military Medal for bravery in the field; 1915 Star

Angus Murray
43 South Shawbost
Military Medal for gallantry

Murdo Macleod
4 Knock
Military Medal for gallantry and devotion to duty at Passchendaele in 1917

John Morrison
1 Habost, Ness
Seaforth Highlanders
Military Medal for gallantry in France

John Macdonald
24 Habost, Ness
Royal Garrison Artillery
Military Medal for gallantry in the field in France

John Morrison
15 Habost, Ness
Cameron Highlanders
Military Medal for gallantry, 1916

John Macleod
5 Portvoller
Royal Naval Reserve
Military Medal, DCM

Donald Macleod
27 South Shawbost
Gordon Highlanders
Military Medal, mentioned in despatches several times

Andrew Graham
2 Flesherin
Seaforth Highlanders
Military Medal, for his gallantry and devotion to duty. He recaptured a Lewis Gun which had temporarily fallen into the hands of the enemy, turned it on them, held them at bay, and finally brought the gun safely within the British lines. He went into the firing line in Nov 1914, when he was only 17 years of age.

Malcolm Mackay
4 Kirivick
Cameron Highlanders
1914 Star and Military Medal

Donald Macgregor
12 Tolsta Chaolais
2nd Seaforth Highlanders
1914 Star and Military Medal

John Macdonald
5 Mid Borve
Gordon Highlanders
Promoted to Sergeant and awarded Military Medal for gallant services in France

Donald Newall
39 Kenneth Street
Royal Garrison Artillery
M.M. for bravery in the field at Framerville on the Somme, August 14th, 1918. While occupying a forward position as signaller for his Battery, the observation post was subjected to heavy shell fire and blown in, burying him and one of his mates in the debris. Those fortunate enough to escape had to retire to the rear for shelter, thus rendering the position desperate. After an hour's hard struggle and with the aid of his tin hat only, he managed to extricate himself and then released his mate. Before leaving the position, however, he discovered an officer and an Australian soldier buried close by, and notwithstanding his own injuries he remained behind and succeeded in extricating them and saving their lives, being subjected to heavy gun fire all the time.

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